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tē′dē əm vī′tē noun : weariness or loathing of life, boredom.

Boredom is a dangerous thing. Boredom can lead to people doing all manner of things. Boredom is the reason you are here; somebody got bored and decided to bring you here to play with you.

Because remember, the devil makes work for idle minds.
Taedium House is an old, three-storey mansion, situated in the back end of nowhere.

Surrounded by an impenetrable ten foot brick wall, the grounds are full of all manner of flora including a large wood to the back of the building. Sometimes, almost overnight, the grass becomes over grown, the flowers all die as they are choked for oxygen and the woods seem to stretch out over the grounds - but that last part might just be your imagination. More often than not though, the gardens are kept tame and the courtyard clear.

From outside, the building looks rather normal, if exceptionally large and just a little bit ominous.

On your first steps inside, it seems nothing is amiss, but upon leaving the entrance hall, you'll start to think differently. The interior of the building seems to be completely out of proportion to the exterior. The halls stretch too far, the ceilings reach too high, the rooms are too big and too many and you're sure you can see some of them moving. That might be your imagination too, but it's something 'they' designed so who can tell? And who knows, the way you see the House may be different from the way others do...

There are a total of thirty bedrooms in the House; ten on each of the three floors. Two large elevators have even been built to save you from climbing all the stairs, but please ignore the basement button, you won't be required to go down there. There are also various rooms of differing functions including a large lounge; a dining hall big enough to fit more than a hundred people in; a library that may possibly house every book ever written; and a games hall for all manner of sports and activities. Plenty of rooms to satisfy your needs.

So, please, come and enjoy your stay! After all, you won't be leaving any time soon...
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